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The idea for the enterprise came originally from some  young people who found it difficult to gain employment.

They were encouraged, and supported, by a volunteer team to carry out gardening and horticultural maintenance work for the public Jobs included weeding, grass and hedge cutting, and management of overgrown gardens. This resulted in a contract with Age Concern, to support disabled and older people remain in their own homes. This subsidy has now ended, but we continue to provide these customers with an affordable service. The gardening service has expanded in recent years and we now operate two vehicles providing a service throughout Richmond and the surrounding area. The team also extended the service through a contract with Richmond Town Council, watering the floral decorations throughout the summer. compo2

We also maintain Wavell Infant School grounds, have worked for local land owners with English Nature on environmental projects, and been involved with community projects.. The service allows our team to contribute to their community, and come into social contact with a wide range of customers, while learning new skills and boosting their self esteem.

Wood such as oak, ash, beech and sycamore is gathered from local Estates and processed into wood-fuel for wood burning stoves.

The timber is sawn and split and then stored to dry until it reaches the required moisture content, and then delivered to customers in the Richmond area. 20141021_RC83695-medium

We work closely with the Ministry of Defence Estates and Zetland Estate, and have assisted with tree planting during the winter months. This is rewarding, sustainable, motivating work, which has a growing market providing vital income for Just the Job.